Song New Creative

Song New Creative designs interactive experiences which enable both authors and users to eloquently express themselves.

We bring wisdom from all corners of the arts and technology to bear on projects that expand people's perceptions even as they push the boundaries of the medium.

Erik Loyer, principal of Song New Creative, is an interactive media designer and artist whose portfolio includes both Clio award-winning commercial interactive work and groundbreaking new media art exhibited in art museums and media festivals around the world.

We recently launched Opertoon, a new story and music-driven interactive entertainment brand whose first releases, the iPad/iPhone app Strange Rain and the iPhone game Ruben & Lullaby, have been winning accolades.

Please visit to see our latest projects and to read Erik's blog—a collection of musings on eloquent interactive design.

For more information, contact us at 661.259.3049 or at info (at) song (dot) nu.